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We Will Move You Like No one Else

The Foot Specialists

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We Specialise in all aspects of foot pain and foot problems

Our main business is our foot clinic where we help people every day with foot pain and soft muscle tissue injuries. 

Foot Scanning is our most popular service. 

We provide Shockwave therapy which

 can treat old and new injuries.  It can also break down bone spurs and reduce pain quickly.

We are the only clinic in the country that offers these services including a full range of specialised footwear to accommodate many people.

 It does not matter what you do, who you are or your age, we aim to ease you of pain and give you back the quality of life you deserve.

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Foot Scanning enables us to see how your body is functioning regarding your feet.  We can measure your balance and gait.  It gives us images and graphs enabling us to see how your feet are performing.  It also gives us all the information that we need to decide on how to improve your quality of life.  We can advise you on orthotics and make you a bespoke pair which will rotate your pelvis improving your balance and gait better than ever before


We sell many orthotics.  These are either custom made or are off the shelf which are a standard support..  Our orthotics will help to realign your pelvis and take pressure off your limbs. If you are confused and you are struggling with foot pain then call us for a FREE consultation.  If you have been advised by your GP or another healthcare provider to buy some on line then our advice to you is don't!
We can advise you and get you out of pain by calling us.


We see all sorts of foot ailments in our clinic.  From foot pain to foot infections.

We Specialise in ingrown Nails - Verrucas and any other foot issues.

We will do a full consultation and give any after care advice.

This session can take around 30 minutes.

We can advise you on the best treatment that you need and help you find the perfect footwear.  We can advise you on walking aids and products to help you at home and whilst you are out and about on your own.


Shockwave therapy pass short intense energy faster than the speed of light into effected tissues. This causees microtrauma which increases blood flow and stimulates an acute inflammotary response which aids the healing process.  This process is widely used in all kinds of fields which provides fast pain relief and mobility function. It can be used in many areas  and treats areas such as carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, bony spurs, tennis elbow celluliitus and neurological conditions

Shoe Store

We offer a full range of ladies and gents footwear. Including shoes, boots trainers, slippers and summer designs

Our aim was to offer a modern shoe which works with wider feet and has the ability to provide depth for your bespoke orthotic.

We stock the widest shoes in the country and even stock brands with an orthopaedic support to help to realign your posture and take the pressure off your joints and back.

Our customers are becoming younger now due to the modern designs that we offer . Modern, leather, canvas and waterproof ranges giving you the best comfort possible, they will also last you for many years

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Anytime, Anywhere

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Senior Citizen Offer

Wednesday Walk in Toenail
Trimming Clinic

Only £25
10am - 2pm
A drink included

Just turn up...


Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world


Wears our orthotics

Providing the best orthotics in the country containing PX1 the best shock absorbing material on the market

Shock Absorbing Technology is built
into every pair of our bespoke Orthotics

If you have had orthotics in the past and you are still experiencing problems, then they have not been made correctly. pick up the phone and ask we can help you put it right! 


I had an appointment today to see Jo regarding the refurbishment of my custom made Enertor orthotics. Really pleased with how Jo dealt with my concerns. She was also really helpful in recommending suitable shoes that accommodate by personal insoles. Having had lifelong difficulty finding shoes and insoles that suit my feet, I can highly recommend ifoot Health Care, as I have been expertly looked after by Jo. An appointment is necessary as she doesn't attend the shop everyday.
                                                                      Hazel Quarry Nov 2021


Book a foot scan now on 01299 400111

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ifoothealthcare is the largest independent vionic stockists in the country

NEW SS22 instore now!
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I had faith in Jo right from the beginning as she answered my email query the same evening. When I went for my appointment she was thorough and professional and explained everything in a friendly way. When I went to pick up my orthotics I was genuinely amazed… I still had some pain, but it was nowhere near as bad as it had been just 10 minutes earlier when I walked in! I actually walked back to my car without limping! It’s been just over a week now and today I was able to walk my dog on the beach properly for the first time in months! I am thrilled! At no time did I feel under pressure to buy anything, however if you book an appointment, it’s pretty obvious that you have a problem to be fixed snd it will cost…but you can’t put a price on health snd mobility. Thanks Jo, I will be coming in to buy slippers, snd by the way, the walking shoes are not only waterproof but sea-proof too!

                                                                    Julia Best 19th November 2021

The Founder has 25 Years Experience in Foot Care

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62 Load Street 
DY12 2AP

01299 400111

2 doors up from The George 


Call 01299400111 and let us give you back your quality of life