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Hello Foot Pain


Welcome to ifoothealthcare 

We are the only foot clinic in the country that offers Footcare, Bespoke Orthotics, Foot Scanning, Shockwave Therapy and a Bespoke Shoe Service.


If you are in pain or you are suffering with your feet and  you have reached the end of the road then look no further!


If we cannot move you then no one else will.

Shockwave Therapy Repairs Muscle

Why suffer when we can help you get back to a pain free life

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Many thanks to Joanne at ifoothealthcare for her excellent care after I had a fall and could hardly walk. The shockwave therapy Joanne recommended helped reduce the pain and speed up the healing. If you've got an injury old or new I recommend going to ifoothealthcare for treatment.

Linda Ballinger

This is not just a shoe shop. The business helps people with foot problems, balance, scans on your feet, to show how you walk & your gait, etc. I have had orthotics made to go in my shoes which help with my balance due to a damaged vertibrae, in my spine. I've had many falls as I'm off balance & experience chronic pain in my back. The help, advice & professionalism from Jo the owner & her team has been excellent! Jo is a very nice lady & has much experience of people with with foot problems. My orthotics have reduced my back pain & have not had many other falls. I have also purchased 4 pairs of well made shoes & my orthotics fit inside, shoes are very comfortable. I would certainly recommend this specialised practice. Thank you all at ifoot health care your service is invaluable! 😊 Date of last visit 31st August 2022.


"Today I walked into this shop in bewdley in considerable pain, the main problem is my foot but have shooting pains going up my leg and into the lower part of my back I’ve been like this now for over 4 years had so many MRI scans but nothing really inclusive to say what wrong with me. Joanne did a foot scan on both my feet and could see where the problem was, I got measured up for some new insoles and Joanne recommended I would benefit from a course of shock wave treatment which I had the same day, I walked out of that shop in no pain what so ever in my foot or my back with just one treatment I walked into that shop with a walking stick I walked out without using it and with two new pairs of shoes, I cannot thank both ladies but especially joanne you are a very honest straight to the point and very passionate of these insoles and shoes, I’m so happy I came into this shop I may have a lovely night sleep tonight which I haven’t had for a very long time. Thank you Joanne your a super star I could of cried when I walked out of that shop today, happy cries 😊👍

I had faith in Jo right from the beginning as she answered my email query the same evening. When I went for my appointment she was thorough and professional and explained everything in a friendly way. When I went to pick up my orthotics I was genuinely amazed… I still had some pain, but it was nowhere near as bad as it had been just 10 minutes earlier when I walked in! I actually walked back to my car without limping! It’s been just over a week now and today I was able to walk my dog on the beach properly for the first time in months! I am thrilled! At no time did I feel under pressure to buy anything, however if you book an appointment, it’s pretty obvious that you have a problem to be fixed snd it will cost…but you can’t put a price on health and mobility. Thanks Jo, I will be coming in to buy slippers, and by the way, the walking shoes are not only waterproof but sea-proof too!

                                                                    Julia Best 19th November 2021



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The Founder has 25 Years Experience in Foot  &  Skin care

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62 Load Street 
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2 doors up from The George  Hotel

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