Prevention is better than cure Our footcare includes a full consultation, nails trimmed and burred. Thickened nails are reduced, any corns removed & calluses taken down. Any hard or dry skin will be filed and our Gehol invigorating foot cream is applied, any after care advice is on hand by your foot expert, A free shoe fitting service is available by appointment, or call in and see us. Shoe Advice & Fitting Service Free of charge - it is always best to ring ahead to let us know you are coming, to ensure we have someone available to speak to you, you are always welcome to pop in. Fhp Director Footcare £35 £40 Footcare First time patients £40 £45 Ingrown Nails From £40 £50 Verrucas From £35 £40 Lacuna for Fungal Nails poa poa Prosthetic nails from NA £30 Medi Pedi £60 NA £60 Foot Scanning £65 £79 Bespoke Orthotics £399 included in bespoke orthotics are free corrections up to 3 months & full clinic Support for 2 years Shockwave Therapy £65 £75
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