Joanne is wonderful! I always come out walking on air. She knows her shoes and she knows and understands people with feet problems and can always find the correct shoe for the correct occasion and with wonderful supports in them which means for the first time in my life I walk without pain! AND the shoes are NOT frumpy!! It is worth travelling to see her! Susan Levitt December 2020
Joanne is amazing, open, honest and very good at what she does. I had custom- made orthotics created at her outlet in Bewdley. I am a very active and exercise- crazy individual but have experienced knee and back pain for a big part of my life and have relied on standard available inserts (from pharmacies) to help out. I have had the orthotics for a few weeks now and can already feel the difference ... great work, Joanne!! Neil Pennington November 2020
Working on my feet all day I was experiencing very painful feet while walking to the point I was struggling to walk down stairs which was obviously a real problem. ifoothealthcare identified the cause and supplied me with all the necessary treatment and accessories I needed. This treatment I'm very pleased to say has completely resolved my problem.. I have recommended their services to others too... many thanks. Rob Pearson August 2020
Joanne is wonderful”
ifoothealthcare listened to my needs and now I am pain free!
I am so impressed with this great business in Bewdley. Wow I don't think there is one like it. I have recently had Shockwave treatment in my knees and asked them to make me some orthotics. Straight away before I left the shop I could feel the pressure go from my knee's and back. I have suffered for 10 years and wished I had known about this company instead of throwing money away on physiotherapist.
Mike Daniels June 2020
Jo & the team at ifoothealthcare have been great with my treatment for my ingrown toenail. On the initial consultation we discussed the treatment plan, what to expect and how to manage my issue. This process in itself really helped me understand and manage the issue during the treatment schedule. Andy Carlisle March 2021